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STOP PRESS: Help us save Output Magazine

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Ben McCabe

Written on 26/02/2015 | Posted 2 years 11 months 23 days ago

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Yesterday we were staring down the barrel of a gun: we decided to tell our story and see what happened.

The consequence was a groundswell of support. Friends and strangers, readers and advertisers, potential investors and altruists all put pen to paper or picked up the phone to see what they could do. It's given us hope that there's a chance we can save Output. Now, we need you to help us do it.

Support our Crowdfunder campaign

We've gone live with a Crowdfunder campaign to resolve our immediate cashflow issues and to guarantee the vital payments to keep Output alive. It's £10,000 and we need it by 4pm tomorrow. That will let us resolve our immediate problems and keep the lights on.


Tell everyone you know

We need as many people to know about this as possible and to make the pledges necessary to keep us going. Can you share on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter? Would your company send a message out on its mailing list? Every action means that more people know – which means we might just survive.

Advertise with us

Going forwards, we need to have a sustainable stream of advertising revenue in order to keep the publication growing. If you were thinking of spending some money with us, then now is the time. Fill in our advertising form here: 


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