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Exaprint releases series of design aids for customers

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Ben McCabe

Written on 03/07/2015 | Posted 2 years 7 months 16 days ago

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A customer's designs can be presented in context using the mock-up tools A customer's designs can be presented in context using the mock-up tools

Exaprint UK has released a series of mock-up .psd files for its resellers, allowing them to give customers an idea of what their designs will look like in situ.

The Mockup Collection consists of 160 high-resolution, fully layered files that replicate products across Exaprint's range, including brochures, business cards, packaging and exhibition stand graphics. The mock-ups take into account undulations and variations, such as curved surfaces, to give a realistic portrayal of how the final item will appear in real life.

The collection will be accessible to Exaprint customers via a three-tier loyalty scheme based on their level of spend with Exaprint: platinum clients will be able to access all of the files, while gold and silver buyers will receive 80 and 40 mock-ups respectively. "Our on-going aim is to help our clients grow their own businesses profitably," says Simon Cooper, managing director of Exaprint.

"As we target resellers, [these files] allow them to easily demonstrate the possibility of a product to their own clients, without the need to create costly proofs or short print runs. The Mockup Collection helps to reduce incurring unnecessary costs whilst also proving a useful sales tool."

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