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Splitting cables: how to define digital in the modern age? – Ben McCabe
Summary: The world is becoming ever more connected, and the digital space is no exception. But how do you know where digital signage ends and AV begins? From projection to the internet of things, we examine the digital space and work out what digital communication technologies sit where.
Who we want to talk to: AV, projection and digital signage companies, particularly those that service multiple areas.

What emerging tech will affect digital most in 2015? – Dara Jegede
Summary: A slew of emerging technologies, from wearable tech to the internet of things, are looming on the horizon, threatening to alter drastically, if not completely transform, the ways we communicate visually. We examine the various technologies and give our thoughts on which will make a difference in 2015.
Who we want to talk to: Companies and start-ups involved in emerging digital technology, and visual communications businesses looking to implement new technology into new or existing products. 

Made in Britain – Ben McCabe
Summary: A look at how manufacturing is returning to the UK, with more and more companies relying on British-made products and the UK workforce for its operations.
Who we want to talk to: If you've brought operations that were previously done abroad back to the UK, or switched to using British goods and services, then let us know.

Designing for digital – Dara Jegede
Summary: What are the considerations when designing for digital compared to other formats, and how do you ensure cohesion when creating for multiple end-points?
Who we want to talk to: Design agencies that work with digital and print, digital content creators and software manufacturers.



From commercial to wide-format – Dara Jegede
Summary: There was a sense in 2009 that wide-format print was the answer to commercial prints problems, only for the latter to realise that the former was over-saturated. Now a spate of larger commercial firms are acquiring wide-format houses. Why are they doing this, and why now?
Who we want to talk to: If you've recently moved into wide-format print, we'd like to get in touch. Equally, if you've considered diversifying operations but decided against it, we'd love to know why.

Sign-makers looking at digital signage – Ben McCabe
Summary: Digital signage is a huge opportunity for sign-makers looking to diversify and add another revenue stream to their business. But which digital technologies are best for individual and smaller installations, and how do they compare?
We want to speak to: Digital signage companies specialising in entry-level propositions and sign-makers that have made the move across into the digital signage space.

European Sign Expo preview – Dara Jegede
Two years in from its inception, ESE is undergoing an overhaul to ensure it keeps up with industry changes.
We want to speak to: Exhibitors at European Sign Expo, particularly those returning having attended previously.

Out-of-the-box digital signage – Ben McCabe
There is a growing demand for simple-to-use digital signage that can be used in a diverse range of environments. We look into the options when choosing a quick and easy solution.
We want to speak to: turnkey digital signage system providers and installers who use such systems. 

Cutting, routing, engraving – Dara Jegede
Summary: The unsung heroes of the sign and graphics market, all three technologies remain as relevant as they have ever been. We have a look at the various options that businesses have when looking at bringing these technologies in-house.
We want to speak to: Manufacturers and resellers of cutting, routing and engraving devices, and print and sign shops that use them. 

FESPA preview – Ben McCabe
It's the biggest European print show on the calendar this year, and FESPA's 2015 event promises to be more diverse than ever. We analyse the new additions and give our must-see recommendations for the show.
We want to speak to: Unveiling new technology at the show? Let us know and we'll make sure we cover it. 


Information design – Ben McCabe
Summary: When it comes to wayfinding, there are various ways to get the job done, both digital and analogue. New and emerging technology is influencing how we design spaces and guide people around them, opening up new possibilities when it comes to navigation and interaction.
We want to speak to: Designers and architects, digital wayfinding system manufacturers, wearable technology and NFC/beacon companies and start-ups.

Securing funding – Ben McCabe
There comes a time in most businesses where external funding is required to help it move to the next level. With banks reluctant to issue credit in the aftermath of the recession, what are the options for print houses looking to grow their operations?
We want to speak to: companies that have sought funding recently, or that are looking to do so – particularly if you have done so using non-traditional methods.

Low-powered media players – Ben McCabe
With the launch of the Raspberry Pi and other micro computing systems, media player design was opened up to a whole new host of possibilities. We analyse the development of a new type of player, and how these tiny devices are making a mark with customers looking to implement digital signage on a budget.
We want to speak to: companies that create players based on low-powered units, and installers who work with such devices. 

How design has made packaging sexy, and how it can develop – Dara Jegede
It might just be the case that holds the product itself, but packaging often plays a vital role in informing consumers and encouraging them to spend. With a raft of new design tools, there are more options than ever for making sure that packaging makes an impression on an end user.
We want to speak to: packaging printers and software companies that offer programs for packaging design and concept. 

Green screen: sustainability in digital signage – Ben McCabe
Summary: The print industry has been under huge pressure in the last decade to prove its environmental credentials, but what about digital signage? From reducing power consumption to the LCD/LED argument, we explore how the sector is becoming more eco-conscious and suggest what more can be done for screens to go green.
We want to speak to: anyone involved in sustainability projects for the digital signage and DOOH industries, or companies in the sector looking to implement environmental policies. 


SME tax breaks, grants and funds – Dara Jegede
Summary: As we at Output know only too well, many small businesses struggle to secure funding at crucial times. There are several schemes and grants out there that can help businesses grow – we highlight a few that might make the difference for your operations.
We want to speak to: finance experts with print industry experience and print houses that have recently applied for grants of schemes. 

3D printing for sign and display – Ben McCabe
While some of the initial hype around the 'limitless' possibilities of 3D printing might have subsided, there are still companies looking into new markets for the technology. We examine the push for additive manufacturing in sign and display, and identify which areas these devices might muscle in on in the future.
We want to speak to: manufacturers, resellers and users of 3D printing machines that target the sign and graphics market.

Multi-device design – Dara Jegede
The average worker is no longer tied to their desk anymore, and the number of devices that we work over has greatly expanded as a result. We analyse how design and workflow tools are allowing companies to create, manage and distribute content from desk-top to smartphone.
We want to speak to: software providers and companies that have implemented such systems.


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