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IDTechEx study suggests rapid growth in printed electronics market

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Dara Jegede

Written on 24/07/2015 | Posted 2 years 6 months 26 days ago

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Voxel8 is one of the companies in the space cited in the report Voxel8 is one of the companies in the space cited in the report

A report from the IDTechEx investigating the evolution of 3D printed electronics estimates that the market will be worth $1 billion (£646m) by 2016.

The research paper, 'From 2D to 3D Printed Electronics: Multibillion Dollar Markets Collide', looks at various technologies, such as ink-jetting and extrusion, and materials, including conductive and insulating thermoplastics and inks. The research examines their potential combinations to create flexible, non-flat and customised circuits. Significantly, the report cites a new development from Voxel8 that is designed to 3D print both conductive and insulating materials.

The analysis covers the advantages and disadvantages of the applications and details the potential impact and growth of 3D printed electronics in relation to printed circuit boards and flexible electronics for wearable tech. The study suggests that these two markets will reach $80 billion (£52bn) and $70 billion (£45bn) respectively by 2025.

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