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Study urges increased use of flexible electronics in wearables

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Dara Jegede

Written on 02/07/2015 | Posted 2 years 7 months 17 days ago

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Samsung is the largest patent filer for both wearables and PFOE Samsung is the largest patent filer for both wearables and PFOE

A report from Lux Research suggests that developers should invest more in the development of flexible electronics for use in wearable technology in order to increase such device's commercial viability.

The study, titled Are wearables the killer application for flexible electronics?, found that the overlap between printed, flexible and organic electronics (PFOE) patents and wearables patents since 2010 to 2015 amounted to a mere 651 filings, whereas patents filed in the separate areas numbered in the thousands: 140,926 PFOE patents were granted, while wearable technology patents reached 41,301.

"Flexible electronic components create the possibility of conformable, adaptable and immersive wearable devices that can seamlessly fit into everyday life," claims Tony Sun, research analyst at Lux and lead author of the report. "However, the lack of overlapping patents between PFOE and wearables indicates a need and opportunity to develop and apply these technologies specifically for wearable electronic devices."

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