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The Tauro aims to square up to its speed class with the help of Ricoh's Gen5 heads

Agfa beds in at the high end

The Belgian manufacturer is entering a crowded space of high-performance machinery but its ink heritage may allow it to settle in comfortably.

Pellant is a long-serving member of the Picon Council
Edwards is bullish about Xaar's growth possibilities moving forwards
FESPA has tweaked its outlook to encompass a wider range of technology

FESPA 2015: respect for rationale

FESPA has taken a long look through the telescope, stepped back, and is planning a new trajectory through the stars to inspire and guide its audience.

Colourbyte’s Inkjet Imagesetter system can be used with multiple Epson printers

BTP Craftscreen enters new era with Colourbyte


Colourbyte's ink-jet imagesetter system has revolutionised the way BTP Craftscreen works

The Pagewide 8000 model will be available in June 2015
Inman began her print career in a part-time role at IMI Europe, before being offered a route in via an apprenticeship scheme
Berwick works on a lino cutting project
Guy Gecht prepares to lead the 16th iteration of EFI Connect

EFI Connect: the magic formula

User forums

Sophie Matthews-Paul comments on the latest Las Vegas gathering organised by EFI for its customers and staff, members of the press and assorted luminaries and explores why this user forum is such a hot ticket on the print industry calendar.

3D couture: Noa Raviv's utilised both 3D printing and traditional textile techniques for her collection
While both NFC and beacons have obvious benefits for retailers, it will be up to the technology giants to force through its adoption

Waiting in line: why it's all push and tap for NFC and Beacons


They are endlessly hyped as the perfect tools for connecting with consumers, so why haven't NFC and beacons taken off as expected?

Output One

We’ve sculpted this issue of Output to reflect the trends and voices shaping the visual communications industry, creating what we hope to be a polemic that can kick-start the resolution of the challenges it faces.