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Xeikon dry toner and Flexcon films unite to achieve food migration standard

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James Matthews-Paul

Written on 04/08/2015 | Posted 2 years 6 months 14 days ago

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Xeikon's dry-toner technology for the 3000 series is first to be approved under the scheme Xeikon's dry-toner technology for the 3000 series is first to be approved under the scheme

Scientific safety testing outfit Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has awarded certification to Flexcon's Thermlfilm Nexgen film in combination with Xeikon's digital print machinery, denoting its adherence to a number of environmental considerations relevant to labels and packaging. The accolade makes Xeikon's the first dry-toner technology to be approved under the scheme and is applicable to the Xeikon 3000 series and CX3 engines.

Xeikon hopes that the UL award will bolster its applicability to food labelling and packaging markets, where transmission is scrutinised particularly. The manufacturer states that its dry toners meet US Food and Drug Administration guidelines for both direct and indirect contact, while Flexcon's solvent-based films are applicable for indirect contact. The combination achieved good light-fastness in testing and are said not to emit any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during or after production.

"The UL certification from Flexcon is yet another important milestone for Xeikon's digital printing solutions for labels and packaging," offers Todd Blumsack, vice-president of sales and marketing for Xeikon America. "Our solutions offer an unbeatable combination of safety, quality and productivity for label and packaging converters. We were happy to leverage the expertise of the Flexcon team to help us meet the UL compliance requirements. Their team made this process easier and more streamlined."

"To maintain their integrity, the labels have to be durable enough to last the life of the product," adds Ron Ducharme, product manager for Flexcon. "The fact that the toners from Xeikon were able to successfully withstand the testing was impressive. You can print the Xeikon toners on a film substrate, and it's durable, which is significant for our industry."

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