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Caldera adds significant upgrades with v10.1

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Dara Jegede

Written on 21/07/2015 | Posted 2 years 6 months 28 days ago

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Additions to the VisualRIP and GrandRIP also help to optimise use of media space Additions to the VisualRIP and GrandRIP also help to optimise use of media space

A fleet of enhancements have been added to Caldera's workflow tools to coincide with the release of v10.1 as the software company continues to build its product portfolio. 

Current v10 users can upgrade for free to v10.1, which now features APPE v3.7 to streamline processing of more complex PDFs. Treatment of raster files and spot colour can be improved further when pairing v10 with Caldera's C4 device or a system with similar capacity. 

Improvements to VisualRIP and GrandRIP have been made to help finishers produce more accurate ink application onto soft substrates and graphics as they can now add more print-to-cut indicators during the finalising stages for nested and repeated files. This function is compatible with many cutting machines, including those from Zünd, Protek and Summa's ranges. Users operating Kala XY trimmers will also receive support from the Trim-O-Matik product, while further developments on Nest-O-Matik and Nexio are geared towards better document management.

Furthermore, Caldera is looking further afield to cater to a wider range of clients by adding enhancements for Japanese, Czech and Spanish users. The entire suite is now available in Czech, while Spanish users will receive new documentation for Nexio.

"Our landmark Version 10 is establishing itself firmly as the product to beat world-wide and we continue to receive feedback from our various customer contact channels," submits Frédéric Soulier, chief technology officer. "We will continue to augment Caldera across the board with incremental upgrades as we find new ways to improve speed, functionality and performance for our users."

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